It seems that Steve Angello, has been involved in a legal dispute.

From what emerges from Billboard, Steve Angello have received two complaints, one from Junior Sanchez (DJ / producer from New york) and the other one by Assad, both for non-payment, never received from Steve Angello.

Assad breach of partnership agreement, promissory fraud, failure to pay wages, and unfair business practices, while Sanchez filed for fraud, breach of oral contract

Assad was in business with Angello which included a financial and tax services company, InterArtist Services GmbH (2008), the purchasing of Rebel Studios (2013) and held the position of Executive Vice President of Size Records (03 / 2014)

Sanchez instead should had received from Angello a rate of 5% on the proceeds of Size Records + a salary of € 3,000, 00 in exchange for productions and artistic management of the label.

According to the Swedish publication Expressen, the damages claimed could equal approximately $ 12 million.

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