David Bowie, the kolossal exhibition arrives at MAMbo in Bologna next autumn

The exhibition will arrive at Mambo in Bologna this autumn, and that will be the only Italian pit stop The exhibition is making a real ‘tour: it was until April 10 in the Netherlands. Before it was in London Canada, Brazil, France, Australia. In 2017 the exhibition will arrive in Japan, going first to Bologna. Negotiations for Italy were started before the White Duke’s death: “A delegation arrived from London to visit Mambo which was deemed suitable also for its architectural features,” said Sassoli de Bianchi.

The colossal event will emphasize 300 objects and installations ranging between music and the visual arts, writing and film and fashion world, including manuscripts, sheet music, original costumes (including Ziggy Stardust), photographs, designs, designer rebuilt, and movies.


David Bowie during a break while filming in New Mexico MFE 1975. This photo was also a cover of Rolling Stone

Francy Fuser
“All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them”. – FrancyFuser

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