Home Festival 2016 is ready for a Record Edition cause Home is our Home, The Home for everyone.

This is my interview to Donato, Co-organiser with Elvis Berlese for the “Heineken Experience Dome” Stage.


F: Hi Donato, we all respect you for your  “Club Culture” and now we could see you as the organizer for  “Heineken Experience Dome” Stage . Why this mission?

D: Hi Francy, It’s not a choice, I prefer to consider it more like an idea I had with Elvis Berlese. We wanted to create an area dedicated to those who like Club music proving a Great Consolle full high sound equipped in order to provide a wide range of electronic acts even if Home Festival started as a “Rock “ soul.

F: People told me, you are always informed about music.  How much important is to stay updated? And nowadays in what consist the news?

D: For everybody who has a real passion,it’s very important to to be updated but without forgetting the past! For example, when I started as Dj ( I was born In 1978) I played Funk and Disco, we were in the full era called “Afro”, and in the following the years I saw the House evolution in all the genres Chicago, Soulful, Deep, Minimal and  Tech House, without leaving electronic music back, like Kraftwerk, Klaus Shulze, Tangerine Dream and many others, who were the pioneers of synthesizer, the one who brought us to the present-day Techno. There is are no news nowadays, we are living electronic dance music eveolution of the 70/80 years. Many current tracks use loops of the most famous records of that period……….

F: following these last few years, it seems that all dj must be producer too. Most of the time we talk about production hiding the social important of the Dj.  How is changed the position of the disc jockey?

D: Over the year, the role of the DJ has changed: first with the digital, replacing the turntable with the CD player (This just changed the source, but the technique remained the same), and then substantially with the arrival on the scene of the Computer and Internet. In a short time, anyone with basic skills on Music and Computer were able to produce a track like “Producer In In my opinion the two careers should be treated separated, the the disk jockey should be a music selector whose aim is to make people dance.

F: On Your stage Donato D. DEEJAY & Friends for Heineken Experience Dome, how have you choosen your artists, following which features, style. etc?

D:  Together with Elvis Berlese who has a huge experience as event organizer, we invited “friends” djs who have a big passion for music. We have prepared a line up that could works also considering the other stages. There will be dj with different ages, different language and from different Country. For technical point, they will have the opportunity to use turntables, CD players and even a rotary mixer (SP3). There will be the artistic performance of Beat Engine that is not a DJ but It’s a performance incredible to hear as well as to see with games, gears and magnetism generating music, a performance as well as to hear even to see.

Donato Home Festival 2016

Francy Fuser
“All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them”. – FrancyFuser

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  1. Ciao, sono Mattia dei Beat Engine e assieme ai miei amici vogliamo appassionare ancora le orecchie attente. Usiamo dei sequencer rudimentali meccanici, sinth analogici e un poco di esperienza per interpretare il nostro tempo. La vera fortuna secondo me è che siamo circondati da persone che come voi amano la musica, la cercano, la producono, la reinventano. E questo ci permette di concederci na biretta, ogni tanto. A presto.

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