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Finally Treviso has Hamerica’s Burgers!

On Thursday, May 04,I have been invited to the Special Lunch Event of hamerica’s in Treviso. This is my “New York” Experience.

Yesterday evening just a few minutes before arriving at Hamerica’s in Treviso, I decided to ckeck the website supposing it was the classic American format. But, not even the time to park the car in Burchiellati Square, a hundred meters walk from the historic “Bottegon” towards Santa Caterina, and I saw on the left a cloud of girls and boys. It was impossible not to get noticed it and even to hear it.

Before entering, a sort of small garden over a wagon, enriched by pots, amphorae and perfumed with flowers and spices, bring joy and tranquility. All of this accompanied by a fantastic quartet of musicians who played vibrations And frequencies typical of the Country music.

Watching through the large stained-glass windows screened with the image of the skyscrapers typical of New York, I immediately looked for my table.

Hamerica’s is a Trendy cool cosmopolitan place but at the same time it’s an industrial chic with warm tones and soft lights typical of an American Bar.

1200x 1200

Time of first bite and immediately felt the “made in Italy” in the taste of food, the meat, the sauces, the service. Then I discovered that Hamerica’s headquarters is located in Milan and that each location differs from one another for style and location. Chicago, Malibu, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston … Each United Tastes of Hamerica’s store is associated with an American town and each has its own special burger, which is not in the menu of other stores.

The table reserved for us was in a perfect position, we could see the main hall, the side room, as well as the main counter that evoked delight to spectacular muffins and chocolate frosted pies with Big size format.

1200 x 1200 muffin





Borgo Mazzini

Francy Fuser
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