The Home Festival, the “Woodstock of Treviso”, was created seven years ago from an idea of Amedeo Lombardi.

The evolution of the Festival has been gradual and progressive. From the Pure Rock Soul has now also embraced other genres such as electronics. the most awaited performances: GARRIX, PRODIGY, EDITORS, ALBOROSIE, 2 Cellos.


In the last days I expressed my pride to be from the region of Veneto. In Treviso the Home Festival, in 30 km, at the Venice Lido, the International Film Festival. Every day on socials an infinite chain of posts, photos, status, shares tagged # HF16. One of my favorite performances: DARDUST.

Dardust - Home festival 2016
Dardust – Home festival 2016

Wednesday, August 31 was the date zero of Home Festival, the date which opened its gates to thousands of people, on average between 20 and 30. For the occasion, Entrance was free and the ‘influx of people has been remarkable since the first hours. Useless to hide everybody love Home Festival!

People Love HF cause it’s nice to see: 8 Stages in circular sequence, each one with a strong personality. The mainstage “Clipper” makes you feel at Home, then there is’ the Circus where the blue and yellow lines of you tend evoke you a return to the past, when as a child you awaited to go to see the show of elephants, zebras and lions. Walking down, you get to Jack Daniels stage, so cool, gated as a valuable reserve, an estate-only “for Westerns”, but where I really feel comfortable  was at Heineken Dome Stage, 18 meters diameter, the entrance it’s very exclusive. Nice to stay there. The concerts on the main stage will end by midnight; in tents it continues until 3.

Home festival 2016 - Clipper Stage
Home festival 2016 – Clipper Stage

People Love HF cause it’s Easy to reach! Home The Festival is located in Zone Dogana in Treviso, a perfect logistic point. Located close to the airport “canova” in Treviso and well connected to the ring road that connects Vicenza, Treviso and Venice. The availability of parking is not very high but there are shuttles provided for this.

People Love HF cause it’s Vibration. Home Festival is a recall for all those who love music, who love the heart pulse of the beat, the vibration, the mental and sensory journey that sound can do.

People Love Hf cause it’s Food & Shop: Inside the festival there are culinary oases supported by food truck, of all genres and for all sauces. There are a nice area dedicated to market that sell T-shirts, bracelets, brooches and services of all kinds like a Barber’shop.

food & Shop

People Love Hf cause there is space for everyone, for those who love to dance, for those who love Freestyle, for those who prefer play skateball.

People Love Hf cause it is green. In addition to being a clean Festival it even has a green garden with a full equipped area with tents.

People Love Hf cause it’ colorful. There are LED Screens, Dj playing over the visual towers or like Redbull which launched a photo contest. There are events where color is the protagonist like Holi Festival, Color Splash.

Credits Pic Treviso Today - _Ph_Vale-2

People Love Hf cause it’s Art. In Treviso there are cultural and artistic spaces, as a god of street art: Shepard Fairey, aka Obey. Do not miss the Comic Book Fair and other attractions among Treviso.

Home festival 2016

Pic credit by @HomeFB

As always there are also the haters, which necessarily have to post on Socials their discomforts “parking is too far”, “acoustic is not good”, The “ticket is too expensive” ..we are talking about 28 euro!!! but I believe they belong to another music concept “The aperitif life” drinking Franciacorta wine and listening Jukebox Dj set. I am sorry but Going festival is another level!

Francy Fuser
“All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them”. – FrancyFuser

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