In a relatively short period of time siblings Marco and Dirk Duderstadt have built a name for themselves that’s propel them to the forefront of the European house movement.

This is my interview to Marco and Dirk


  1. Why have you decided to call yourselves “INPETTO” (in Italian it means from the heart/from the chest)?In 1999, when we fnished our first release Toca Me, we were searching for an italian sounding project name for an italian sounding Club Remix. That´s the short, but whole story of it. 🙂
  2. Reading your biography I saw several good feedback about you guys coming from big Artists like Guetta, Above & Beyond..which comment made you crazy happy? The comment we liked the most was Axwells comment, as we were looking up to him! Seeing him playing our stuff on youtube was also very exciting. Never expected his support on our stuff as he was a lot more into house that time.
  3. Your house music is more experimental than the classic one, how can you describe your sound? We always want to mix up genres to create something new, or something that hasn´t been done a thousand times before. For excample, we do love this 90s Piano House a lot, but its music that doesn´t work nowadays anymore without taking it to the sound of today. But keeping chords/melodies with that 90´s feel and adding todays “wobble” drops sounds like this is something new 🙂
  4. How was making the remix for Galantis? It took us one nanosecond to say “yes” when the guys asked for it. We are big fans of their production skills from the beginning, so we were super happy when they told us they love “Needin U So” and they want a remix like this. With having this feedback in mind we made the remix in no time.
  5. What do you think about Dj Mag Poll? Which are the 3 most interesting producers at the moment? We don´t think about the DJ Mag Poll. The 3 most interesting producers for us right now are Shaun Frank, The Chainsmokers and Madison Mars.
  6. When I think about Germany I associate it more with Techno music so how is EDM Scene over there? The EDM Scene is almost non-excistent over here. There are only four or five clubs where music like ours does work e.g. Bootshaus in Cologne. Germanys clubs have more likely Beer-Flatrate-Partys than booking an interantional DJ.
  7. I know you are leaving for a Tour, do you feel more dj or more producers should go on Tours more often? I (Dirk) started as DJ at an age of 15 and Marco started with producing at the same age. Over the years it mixed up a bit, so both of us feel a lot of both.
  8. Fast questions:

          – coffee or tea? A lot coffee (Both)

         – club or festival? Club

         – mainstream or underground? Mainstream

         – logic or Cubase? Logic

         – twitter ot facebook? Instagram 🙂

  1. Which is the first thing you think when I say Italy? Pizza
  2. So what should we expect after your tour? New release, new collaborations? We did a lot of new music already that only needs that final touch! Also a new big Collaboration is coming up, but its too early to say anything yet 🙂

Francy Fuser
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