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After producing for artists such as R3hab and Havana Brown, Joe Stone is dedicated to his personal career and joined the label Spinnin’ Records in 2015.

He updated the 90’s house music sound and made it his trademark, and so had his first success with “The Party”, featuring Montell Jordan, which turned into a big hit, including high rankings in Ireland, the United Kingdom, but also in the Netherlands.


  • What inspired you to become a DJ

Music has always been part of my life. I was in a band before and I started producing with another name Inmado, which then became Joe Stone.


  • Who had the idea to do a house remix of “The Party” by Montell Jordan?

I am a huge fan of that track and when I got the vocal I made my idea and it worked.  


  • Regarding production do you start from an Idea or from a Sound?

It depends, there is no rule. Sometimes it all starts from sound, other times from an idea..


  • Which program do you use?

I started with Cubase but now I use Logic X


  • How many Hours do you spent in the studio?

It depends. When I have the idea on my mind it takes me just 2 hours to put down the idea, but then everything needs to get worked out, which takes a bit longer. When everything falls in place, I still need to take 1 week before sending it to the label.


  • How is it called your studio?

I don’t have a professional studio, I just have a bedroom studio. But if I will start a professional one I will call it STONE STUDIO!


  • I have some friends who live in Amsterdam and they told me it is hard to get success in Music even if you live in Netherland. Is it true?

Well , I am not from Amsterdam, but I do live in the Netherlands and what I can say is that there is a positive vibe about music collaborations here. But of course, nothing is easy in music, so also in the Netherlands you need to push yourself to get noticed.


  • What do you think make a good track

One word: simplicity. People sometimes think that a simple track could be easy to make, but it’s hard work that goes into it to make it sound simple.


  • Coffee or Tea?

Morning coffee and afternoon tea.


  • So tell me more about your radio show?

Well, it’s called Sound of Stone, it goes on air the first Tuesday of every month and you can find different styles of house music in every episode, there’s even tech house music too.

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