Melle Stomp, better known as Mesto,  is only 17 years old and like many aspiring young DJ’s has been making music in his bedroom for a couple of years now.

Still in the beginning of his DJ career, Mesto already developed massive producing and mixing skills. He started to play the drum at the age of 11 and soon after discovered that he loves to make his own music. After a while he got interested in deep and future house. With a little help of YouTube he taught himself to make his own extraordinary sounds.


This is my interview to Mesto made during ade 2016: 

  1. Reading your biography you said that Youtube was your teacher about music productions. Tell me more

Yes, it’s true. I started producing 2 years ago Everything I know about productions comes from Youtube Tutorials.


  1. How is your relation with social media? Are millenials using them a lot?

I use Instagram a lot. I also use the other ones like facebook  and twitter but I personally prefer Instagram. I think it’s the right tool to connect with fans.


  1. You are one of the producer behind Bouncybob, how was is to collaborate with Martin Garrix?

I am very happy in my collaboration with Martin Garrix. I got to know him before he was  The “Martin Garrix” we all know now. He used to play in a band with my sister. She was the singer and Martin was the guitar when 2 years ago I decided to try this profession I went in touch with him. He liked one of my tracks, so we decided to work together.


  1. Recently you said ““This is amazing. I’ve always looked up to Spinnin’ Records, you could say it was one of my goals to end up at this label. To finally get signed here feels very, very rewarding.” – Mesto. How is your feeling about SPINNIN RECORD FAMILY?

Yes, for me signing with Spinnin Records is like a blessing! All guys of my age dream being signed with this label and for me it was a dream as well.


  1. What are you working on?

I am working on a lot of things. I hope to have a new release out before the end of the year.

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