It’s an industry dominated by men but that’s not deterring this girl from spreading her sexy beats everywhere from Tokyo to Brazil, which she believes is one of the current party capitals of the world.




  • Hi Kristin, why have you decided to call you MISS NINE?

Well, my family always used to call me Nine, a short abbreviation of Kristin.


  • Where do you live, cause you are German right?

Yes, but I live in Amsterdam.


  • Before being a Dj you were a model, do you still work on fashion?

I do both, I like to combine both disciplines. Music is creation and fashion is more team working.


  • Sometimes I find the word “female “ when a woman dj is playing, what do you think about this?

I don’t pay attention to those things. Of course when I started there were negative feedbacks on the internet but then time proved a lot. It’s always important to learn from other people, playing with other artists like it was with Avicii or Guetta. I was really so lucky. You have to learn and learn or you will move to other ways.


  • You started to dj more than 13 years ago! So tell me more?

Looking back at the time, I was working in a hospital as a nurse,  and I got an opportunity in the fashion industry. I tried and it worked, the same happened with music.


  • In an interview with “DJ VIBE.COM” you said your boyfriend was teaching you, is it true?

Yes, he was a dj and I was a dancer so when he asked me: “Would you like to try to work as a Dj?” I said “ You are crazy”.  But then he helped me, he showed me how to play with vinyl, how to move in this world. It  took some time but it worked!  I remember when I played on a boat, it was a little scary, but everything went great and since then I realized I was able to do it.


  • In 2008 you started your label, how is going with 925 Digital?

It’s almost 10 years ago, it’s crazy how time passed so fast. My label is more deep house melodic things, now Spinnin Records is helping me with some releases cause travelling around all continents, you definitely need help.


  • Regarding Nine Sessions, how do you select the tracks?

Yes, it’s a hard job but I love innovation so I am always looking for new sounds. Sometimes I receive emails including tracks with no name, other times I receive links,  so it take a lot of time to listen, to catalogue and then to choose. There is a pre-pre selections and then a final selection.



  • What has been your best experience with Djing so far?


I remember I played 7 hours in Brazil, but I didn’t feel it cause I received so much energy from the people. It’s crazy but when you do this out of passion, it keeps you going. This is why after so many years I am still here.

Francy Fuser
“All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them”. – FrancyFuser

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