Courtesy of The Patch
Mau5Trap at The Patch.


The Mau5trap label is the home of some of the most considered electronic artists like Skrillex and Tommy Lee.

The artists of MAUTRAP Matt Lange, No Mana, BlackGummy, Monstergetdown and ATTLAS came together in August in Los Angeles in the Patch House, a house with a recording studio, kitchen and bedrooms.

The Patch House has two headquarters, one in LA and one in Brooklyn. It seems that in this house the delivery of fast food is abolished and watching the video you cansee ATTLAS preparing dinner.

“It ‘s really nice when we can all be in the same room” –  Matt Lange

SOURCE -> billboard

Francy Fuser
“All you hipsters need to stop wearing Nirvana shirts if you don’t even listen to them”. – FrancyFuser

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