Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people or a single person which does not recognize authority

ANARCHY style is the new project by Imperial. The style office designed a series of writing in a “chaotic order” for a capsule collection by Imperial Fashion #imperialfashion #anarchystyle #fw15 #FallWinter2015

The term refers to a person or society “without rulers” or “without leaders.


ANARCHYClothes is a style intuition of Imperial also shared by the pop star Madonna. She launched the contest “Show us your Basquiat!” and the designer @marco_dematteo , selected with other International artisti, has shone on the stage of REBEL HEART TOUR

Marco Dematteo is a young and versatile Roman digital artist that has realized with the creative department of Imperial a Fall Winter 15/16 capsule collection: Anarchy Clothes

Give here a look:

This #imperialdenim #adv #FallWinter2015 speaks more than words #imperialfashion

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I am italian teenager based in Venice. I have two passions: music + ice cream. English is not my native language so please consider it!

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